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If you read all the links you'll know just about everything you need to know about selling or buying a house. Or appraisal fees. You won't see a lot of nice pictures, though.

Just knowledge.

Knowledge is what counts in residential real estate, because Realtors all sell each others' listings. So you can buy any listing through your favorite Realtor. Pick one with a high close rate. Here are the
Close rates of various companies
(the percentage of their listings that actually sell)

Free stuff we can do for you - just ask:

Staging advice -
Live cost-effective staging/repair/updating advice at your house

MLS search - Interactive Multiple Listing Search using the real MLS

Email updates - MLS updates of the listing and sales in your area or other areas you're interested in by email

Referrals - Referrals to local professionals and out-of the-area Realtors

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Appraisal page
No matter how difficult the appraisal, we find the true market value.

Home Selling
We appraise every house before we put it on the market. "Price it Right and You're Done!"

 If you have your own Buyer and just need a Realtor to do the paperwork and followup to closing, we can do that for 1% of the sales price. Otherwise we put it on the open market with MLS. We have one of the highest close rates around.
Close rates of various companies

Home Buying
We find you the best home at the best price. You pay no fee.


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