Fee Schedule for Price, Wright, and Dunn, Inc.
Kerry Silva, Cert Res RD2145, Expert Witness Appraiser
Kerry Silva's Resume
E-mail: kerry@pricewrightdunn.com          Phone: 813-962-8870
Covering Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, Charlotte, Polk, Manatee, Sarasota counties, Florida

Desk Value Estimate
I take the last dozen MLS sales and pendings near your subject house and run the numbers against your subject house.
It's like the first step in an appraisal.
The result shows the value of your subject house in various states of condition and updating.
$100, 2 day deadline, "Rush!" add $25, 1 day deadline
Click to see a Sample Desk Value Estimate
Single Family, Condo, Single-family lot appraisals
(no mobile/manufactured homes or commercial property),
Sales Comparison Approach only
Prices based on these 
2019 County Property Appraiser Just Values:
Appraisal fees
So the fee for a house with a just value of $225,000 is $425

Add $50 for Charlotte and Manatee (data's not as good)
Add $25 if an attorney is involved (more time consuming)
Add $25 for divorce (affects market value, more time consuming yet)
   Pricing advice is free
    No extra cost for an appraisal "subject to repairs" as long as I know before I go

Duplex including income approach add 35% to single family price
Printing and mailing or delivery of a truncated paper copy of the original .pdf appraisal report
add 15%
Value as of two different dates add 50%
Show more than one subject condition add 25%
Show more than type of value (normal, short sale, foreclosure) add 25%
"Rush!" add
Desktop Rent Estimate add 50%
Public record data of subject, subject pictures and subject map add $50
Links to MLS listings, pictures, and maps of the comparable sales add $50

Court Appearance, Testimony including Depositions, $225/hour ($225 minimum)
The receipt of a $675 retainer reserves your court/deposition date.

Preparation - Extra Research/Studies/Consulting/Copying/Printing, "Discussion of appraisal"
$225/hour, one hour retainer required up front. 

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Click to see a Sample Appraisal Report
(without the link to the subject pictures - to protect the anonymity of the Sample House Owner)

Appraisal fees are collected when the appraisal is ordered. Work starts once the fee is collected.
When you submit your payment you are agreeing to this Appraisal Order:
This is an order for Price, Wright, and Dunn, Inc., to appraise the subject property.
 The value estimate is based on lack of Chinese drywall, major termite problems,
sinkhole activity, out-of-date piping and wiring, bad roof, foreclosure, short sale, etc.
If you know of any adverse conditions, please report them to me today.
 Canceling before the inspection or court appointment will result in a 2/3 rebate.
If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment you will have canceled.
The appraiser’s compensation is not dependent on coming in at any particular value.
That is illegal (read the "Appraiser's Certification“ in any appraisal report).
The limit of liability recoverable from 
Price, Wright, and Dunn, Inc. and Kerry Silva,
if liability is proven, regardless of the actual damages caused, is the return of the paid fee.
An appraisal is the opinion of the value of a piece of property as of a certain date.
The appraisal is not a guarantee that any other person will have the same opinion.
Appraisers are certified. Appraisals are not.

You can reference my phone number to send the payment with Zelle (through your bank): 813-962-8870.

Or, if you want to pay by credit card you can use PayPal.
Click below to pay from PayPal's secure site. It's not necessary to log in or
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